Top-7 Amazing Unexplored Places for Nature Lovers to Visit

Despite human activities affecting our world on a planetary scale, and often not in the best way—just think about the global warming and its possible consequences—there are still places left on Earth that are completely untouched by man. Some of this places may look surprising weird or unearthly, but all of them are undeniably beautiful, each one in its unique way.We’ve made a selection of the most unexpected, amazing and just incredibly aesthetically pleasing landscapes you many find on our planet. Some of them may not even look real, but rest assured—these are the places that actually exist, and you can visit them (although it many cases it may be significantly harder than just booking a flight—some of these places are quite hard to get to).

Gobi Desert, China and Mongolia


The rain shadow of Himalayan mountains prevents rain clouds from the Indian Ocean form getting into the Gobi Desert. It is not as dry as the Atacama Desert, as some moisture still manages to get here either as rain or as snow. The most prominent feature of the local climate is the rapidly changing temperatures. In the Gobi, it can be as cold as -40 degrees Celsius in winter, and as hot as +50 degrees Celsius in summer. Sometimes temperature can change by over 35 degrees Celsius in over the course of one day. Such climate makes the Gobi desert one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, thereby ensuring that it stays mostly untouched by humans.

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