By Eating These Foods You Can Dramatically Change Your Hair

Iron – in Spinach and Beans

Apart from strengthening our immunity and counteracting a fatigue development, iron is beneficial for our hair. Foods containing iron are highly advisable for most people with hair problems.

In saying “most” we mean that some individuals should treat this advice with caution. If you are an aging man or a menopausal woman, you should be very careful with adding too much iron into your diet. Before going for it you should check up the level of iron in your system; and only after consulting your doctor you can move forward with it. Spinach and leaf beans, for instance, contain great amounts of iron that is able to make your hair follicles stronger and healthier.

Folate and Lutein – in Eggs

The building material of hair is protein, which is why consuming considerable proportion of protein-rich foods is so important for its growth and its volume. Eggs contain lots of protein, and when you think of your hair care, think of eggs. Eggs’ yolks are loaded with valuable nutriments that nourish your hair adding maximum health and shine. They supply folate which is necessary for DNA reproduction.

Eggs also contain lutein that makes our hair more elastic and fights split ends. Egg whites are important for your general well-being, so eating eggs is doubtlessly advantageous even for those without hair problems.

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