Saving money on a new luxury car purchase is all about timing. You must outwit, outplay, and outlast the dealer. With 2022 models hitting showrooms across the nation, suddenly it’s looking like the best time ever to purchase a new luxury vehicle from overstocked 2021 inventory. Your dream car could be just a few miles away. Best of all, these often hidden deals can be found by searching with the right tools online.



And it’s all happening because last year turned out to be one of the WORST sales years ever in the automotive industry.

According to the Wall Street Journal, manufacturers faced tough times in 2021, as the country saw one of the sharpest declines in new car sales in several decades. Year-over-Year and Month-over-Month sales figures were, at times, down as much as 30% from previous years. (1.)

Making matters worse for the luxury auto industry, 2022 arrived and manufacturers continued to build vehicles and place them on dealer lots at a rapid pace. To carmakers, it was as if the dip in sales wasn’t even happening! As we entered the new year, dealer lots across the country were overflowing with cars – even as American consumer confidence was in the midst of a historically sharp decline.

What does that mean to the prospective car buyer?

The result of all this is that many major luxury auto dealers now have a huge overstock of cars, crossovers and SUVs on their lots – unsold vehicles of all makes and models that are taking up space desperately needed for other products, including new vehicles which are already arriving by the truckload. Dealers are therefore HIGHLY motivated to start selling these top of the line cars – even if it means offering savings that consumers wouldn’t have consider possible as recently as a year ago.

Why doesn’t everyone know about this?

Despite overstock problems and poor sales numbers, dealerships would still love everyone to would buy a new car at full retail price – so they have been forced by the economy to quietly advertise massively discounted deals online.


As a result, to date, only smart consumers who know where to look can purchase the car of their dreams and take advantage of this unique time in the history of the American car business. And those whom DO find these “hidden” online deals are purchasing cars for a fraction of the price found anywhere else!

What kind of cars are being sold at a discount?

Because of the pressure to move unsold inventory, consumers can often find terrific deals just about every type of automobile available, including: luxury sedans, sports cars, crossovers, SUV’s, trucks, electric, and hybrid models in all makes including Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Audi, Cadillac, Lincoln, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevy, and countless others.

These cars can also be loaded with the most sought after features plus free luxury upgrades, free maintenance, and free technology upgrades. Packages others pay a premium for – but now, because the dealer’s motivation to see is so high, might just be thrown into the final price for little or no cost.

This is truly the time to take advantage of one of the most unique opportunities in the history of American auto buying.

Search online to find luxury dealers experiencing a high volume overstock on their lots – and as a result are the most motivated to sell at incredibly low prices! This may be YOUR opportunity to buy the car of your dreams, so get started searching online now!