6 Tips for Good Night Sleep

A recent survey in England found that the average woman needs at least 14 days more sleep a year then she usually gets, sleeping approximately 6 hours and 20 minutes a night when 7 hours and 23 minutes is required. Well-known that lack of sleep can lead to number of health problems such as heart disease, obesity and even cancer. It is quite common problem as one in three of us suffers from insomnia and chronic lack of sleep.

Following good night tips might help you sleep tighter and gain that essential rest for your body:

Physical exercises


Regular exercise, preferably early in the day, is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress hormone levels, enabling you to sleep more deeply. Try even brisk walk for 50 minutes, as finding more time having busy day in work could be quite challenging. It is important to allow wind-down time if happens to have evening exercise. You can try yoga calming postures, a few minutes breathing deeply will help your nervous system to settle down.

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