5 Cool Bikes Concepts Coming from the Future

24/7 City Pedelec by Philipp Guenther


This cutting edge city cool bikes is designed to last long without breaking down. Its heavy frame protects chains, cables and all those parts that are so easy to damage.

City bikes tend to be used by people of all sizes and proportions, here’s why our futuristic bike has an adjustable seat which comes in handy when run by multiple users. 24/7 City Pedaler has a supportive built-in hybrid motor which allows you to enjoy effortless pedaling. This two-wheeled ride comes with comfort and style, indeed.



Bicycles are truly irreplaceable means of transportation; they can easily get you from point A to point B. But not only are they useful for picnics or evening rides in the park, but there are also plenty of other reasons to opt for a bike: 1) You know how much pollution cycling produces? NONE. 2) Bicycles have reasonable prices, unlike cars. 3) Bicyclists don’t pay for gas; they sort of run on fat. 4) Either way, cycling also counts as a workout while you are running some daily errands in town. 5) You can forget about traffic.

As if these are not enough to convince you, take a look at this futuristic iBike concept that is simply awesome and can even charge your iPod while you are cycling.

Backpack Bicycle by Chang Ting Jen

This portable bicycle folds into a backpack, which means you can carry it anytime, anywhere. You can’t get more compact and convenient because it weighs only 5.5 kg.  The designer considers making it even lighter by replacing metal parts with plastic ones.

This backpack bicycle would make a great travel buddy, offering the opportunity of cycling through a city without a fear of leaving your bike chained on the street or moving it through attractions while you are out and about.

Green Shadow Bike by Mr. Onuff


It’s all about the green when it comes to this bicycle. It’s not just a color; it’s also environmentally friendly. Aside from looking cool and futuristic, the Green Shadow features some pretty awesome technology too. With an on-board computer, it’s much easier to monitor your health and track mileage. Moreover, this bike concept can even keep track of your heart-rate.

Too bad this cool bicycle was designed for a game instead of actual production. But it’s still a brilliant concept when you take into account it’s not impossible to make a bike like this. After all, loads of stuff that we own now was once someone’s dream a decade ago.

Variable frame bike


Here’s an awesome bike concept: a variable frame that can be changed into different modes depending on your desire. For the city, you’ve got your normal upright position. It’s optimal for getting you from point A to point B as quickly as possible. In the case of traffic jams, you’ve got more control over the bike. But once you are out of the urban zone, adjust into the country mode and have a relaxing ride and enjoy the view.

The best part is that you may change positions without even getting off the bike. The rider is free to ride in either mode forever. But if there’s need to switch from one mode to another, they just lean backward or forward after pushing a locking lever.

Source: 10amazing.com