10 Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

The amount of water in the human body is around 70%, brain composed of an average of 90% water. Needless to say that without water body can’t function properly, as this vital substance delivers nutrients to the cells. Drinking plenty of fluids is crucial not only for being healthy but for effective weight loss too. List of water benefits is endless. For example, it supresses appetite. People feel hungry where in fact their body is simply dehydrated. So keeping this in mind when dieting if hungry remember to drink half of glass of water first to understand if this was a false feeling of hunger. Another thing is that sufficient water intake increases metabolism by 30% and also body uses energy to warm up water in the stomach. This helps to burn extra calories too.


Water could help fight migraine or at least lower its severity. Keep drinking fresh water if you experience bad headache.

It might sound contradictive but drinking plenty of water helps pushing excess water through the body. As a result oedema also known as fluid retention is less likely to happen.

Everybody these days know that beauty outside means plenty of water inside. As good skin complexion is easy to achieve by drinking 2 litres a day. Moisturising creams will only help to maintain level of hydration that is already gained.

Drinking 2 litres could be overwhelming at the beginning so try to gradually introduce new water rules to your body.

Here are the tips to follow:


  1. First thing in the morning its good habit to drink water with lemon and honey. 1 teaspoon of honey and squeeze of lemon for a glass of water. This routine will help your body detox, flush excessive fats and feel cheerful. This drink unlike coffee will be more useful for your energy levels.
  2. It’s advisable to drink 2 litres of fresh water preferably before lunch.
  3. Try to drink glass of water every hour
  4. To quench your thirst it’s better to use still water.


  5. Always have water with you being out walking, shopping and working.
  6. For coffee and tea lovers it is important to compensate each cup of coffee with glass of water as above drinks are known for dehydrating your body
  7. Making small sips of water is an easy way to drink up water.
  8. Room temperature water is easier to drink then cold
  9. For those, who are dieting there is a rule where you need to double water amount to fats consumed. For 20 g of fats – drink extra 40 ml of water.
  10. Do not forget to drink water when doing exercise to keep good hydration.

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