10 Cutest Celebrities who grew up Horribly

Jake Lloyd

Jake Lloyd-lovely

In 1999, Star Wars: the phantom menace was released. Yes, we know, it was a brutal movie with some pretty bad acting and one particularly annoying CGI character but it did introduce us to jake Lloyd. This pint-sized actor had appeared in other films and television shows but it was his role as a young Anakin Skywalker that grabbed headlines. Unfortunately for Lloyd his career and looks went the way of the dark side as he got older. Recently he got in some trouble with the law and as his mug shot proves, he now looks more like a sith lord than a handsome young Jedi warrior.

Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment-lovely

While most people know Haley Joel Osment thanks to his unforgettable role in 1999’s the sixth sense, after all, he could see dead people, this child actor actually had his first big role five years before in Forrest Gump. Indeed, the 1990s were good to this actor and he got a lot of work and became a well-known name. But one thing which didn’t seem to keep up were his looks. As he got older, Osment put on weight and always seemed to look a bit dishevelled in pictures.

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