10 Cute Kids Who Grew Up to be Super Hotties

Josh Peck

Josh Peck-lovely

Josh Peck is best remembered as the less attractive overweight brother next to drake bell in the nickelodeon show, “Drake & Josh. Josh soon realized that his character look wouldn’t sustain his career long term so he decided to start losing weight as he got older. Even though Drake & Josh is long over, Josh peck is now incredibly hot and still working in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart-lovely

Kristen Stewart has always been a bit awkward. But her childhood really put the icing on the cake with her uncomfortable demeanor and look where she looked like she could have been the long lost member of the brother boy band Hanson. But as Kristen grew up, she grew into her looks and has become a lovely lady with delicate features that juxtaposed with her awkward tomboy beginnings.

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