10 Cute Kids Who Grew Up to be Super Hotties

Think your childhood was hard? Imagine being a child celebrity and facing the same judgments as adult celebrities. But thankfully, these kids grew into beautiful humans. Here are some awkward child celebrities who became hot.

Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan Lipnicki-lovely

Jonathan Lipnicki is known as the adorable kid from Jerry Maguire as well as Stuart Little and other movies that required an awkward little boy with glasses who needed a friend. Today, while Jonathan Lipnicki may be out of the spotlight, he has discovered a new source of stardom as a male model looking body builder who has his own following at the gym.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning-lovely

There is no question that Dakota Fanning was always a very talented actress with a promising career. Her childhood looks were adorable, but also quite a bit awkward in the fact that she was so pale with blonde hair and having an almost adult-like demean making her mature beyond her years. She was at that stage where many didn’t know if she would grow up to be hot, or even more awkward. Well, lucky for her and for us, she has grown up into a stunning young woman.

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