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Top-7 Amazing Unexplored Places for Nature Lovers to Visit

Deception Island, Antarctica


Deception Island is a caldera of an active volcano. Usually, it is considered to be a safe harbor for ships in Antarctica, unless, of course, the volcano is erupting. Several countries tried to establish scientific stations here, but all the stations were abandoned because of the volcanic activity. At this moment, scientists visit Deception only for short periods during the summer.

Over half of the island is covered by glaciers, and its center is flooded by sea, forming a large harbor. The island itself is covered with numerous mountains and crater lakes. Because of the volcanic activity, the temperature of the water in some lakes can be as high as 70 degrees Celsius.

The island is home to several colonies of chinstrap penguins, numerous species of birds and some rare plan species thriving on island’s unique volcanic substrates.