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Celebrities Dramatic Changes for Better or Worse

the Better, Christina Aguilera

01Celebrities dramatic changes for better or worse

Remember that romantic girl who suddenly decided to change her image and shocked her fans by appearing in provocative outfits, dressing in over-the-top makeup, releasing the music video Dirty which critics called overly sexual and stripping down for the Rolling Stone cover. It was long ago and today she is a mother of two beautiful kids, a former and well respected the Voice judge, philanthropist, WFP Ambassador Against Hunger and UN Goodwill Ambassador.

the Worse, Britney Spears

02Celebrities dramatic changes for better or worse

She began gaining fame when she was a kid. While her teenage years, she was one of the most popular and successful pops female singer. She claimed to be a sweet and cute girl from the South and her widely popularized her virginal image. Then a long train of scandals appeared: horrible breakup with Justin Timberlake, 55 hours marriage with Jason Alexander, new marriage with a backup dancer, irresponsible and troubling parenting skills, divorce, custody battle, hospitalizing with mental evaluation. But despite all, she still looks gorgeous.