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8 Most Awesome Pools Around the World

Landmannalaugar natural pool, Iceland


To visit Iceland means to visit  literally a wonderland. You will never forget its amazing Nature: the remarkably multi-coloured mountains, the boundless landscapes, the wild horses and natural hot pools in the icy highland. It’s very unique and beautiful place for bathing all year round. Even in the midst of winter Landmannalaugar pools’ average temperature is 36-40 degrees.

Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii


If you want your vacation to be sun-filled, to be full of adventures, activities and traditions you should go to Hawaii and stay in the Sheraton Waikiki Beach Hotel.  It’s perfect for those who want to escape civilization and try surfing or lose themselves on a rainforest hike or learn to play ukulele or even learn the ancient art of hula. The Sheraton Waikiki guests also can enjoy the unlimited access to the amazingly beautiful infinity pool.