8 Best Foods for Healthy Hair

7. Wholegrain products and vegetables


These should be eaten daily.  Low-carb diet contributes to thinning hair.


8. Foods rich in calcium

Products containing calcium are necessary for hair growth.  They also contain a protein, that prevents their fragility. Here are some of them: milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, sesame seeds, spinach.

You should also remember, that some of the products have negative effect on your hair:


  • Sugar – in excessive amounts makes your hair greasy.
  • Salt in big amounts interferes with the absorption of the vitamins.
  • Soft drinks contain large amounts of sugars.
  • Junk food products and fast foods have almost no vitamins and minerals beneficial to the human body, and thus the hair.
  • Products containing caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate). It prevents the absorption of important vitamins for the hair, such as B and C along with zinc and potassium.
  • Fatty dairy products. Can cause allergies and itchy scalp.

So when it comes to hair strengthening and maintaining its beauty, you should remember, that the most important things are drinking enough water and a balanced diet.