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7 Creepy Mysteries That Science Can’t Explain

Pollock Sisters


Way back in 1957, tragedy struck the pollock family of Hexham, England when sisters Joanna, six, and Jacqueline, eleven were killed by a car while walking to church. Their parents grieved for their lost daughters and a year later Florence pollock gave birth to twins. They named the girls Jennifer and Gillian. Their parents made an odd discovery, however; baby Jennifer had the exact same birthmarks as her late sister Jacqueline. Thinking it was a coincidence, their parents didn’t think much of it until their twins got older and began requesting toys they’d never seen and to go to parks they’d never been to, but their late sisters had. Their parents soon began to suspect that their daughters were the reincarnations of their deceased sisters as there was no way, not even through science, to explain the strange coincidences.